Restoring Historic Terrazzo Floor In Downtown Boston Office Building

If you have terrazzo floors that were installed way ‘back in the day’, then you know that they can handle years of foot traffic and general abuse without cracking or wearing away.

But then again, after a long time, they can look …tired, to say the least. Worn, soiled, dull, and just plain old looking. Maybe the floor has paint drips on it from previous years remodeling, scratches from things being dragged on it and stains and spills that you can’t clean out no matter what you or your cleaning company tries. You might wonder if the terrazzo can ever be revived again so it looks fresh.

Answer: In almost every case, terrazzo can be refinished and look fabulous all over again!

Terrazzo is made of chips of marble embedded in either cement (the old way) or epoxy (the newer way). And marble can be diamond honed, polished and sealed…and cement and epoxy can be diamond honed, polished and sealed. So the whole job is doable as long as you use a contractor who knows marble polishing and concrete polishing.

An example was an old downtown Boston office building with terrazzo floors in the elevator lobby and main hallway of an upper floor. The building was built in 1903, and the original terrazzo was showing its age. The General Contractor called us in while getting the space ready for a new company to move in on one of the upper floors.

A few problems right from the start:

1. Some of the terrazzo had been covered over by thinset cement and ceramic tile on top. Tile had been removed, but thinset cement is very hard to scrape off without damaging the terrazzo
2. Over the years, painters had dropped tons of paint drips and splatters all over the surface – no drop cloths for these ‘craftsmen’!
3. Large heavy objects like appliances had been dragged across the floor, leaving heavy scratches that aren’t always possible to grind out.
4. Grout had corroded in multiple areas, requiring regrouting for a finished look.
5. The construction schedule was a bit behind, so in order to get done on time, we really needed to do this job at night so the construction company could have a full crew working each day with no delay.
6. Oh, and by the way, there was no real running water, so we had to buy bottled water and bring gallons of it up the elevator to wash the floor! (Hey, it’s probably the only floor in town that can claim to be ‘washed in natural Poland Spring Water’!)

The before and after photos are posted above. If you click on each photo, you’ll get a larger screen view so you can see more detail.

We worked nights only, scraped old thinset off, honed the floor, gently removed about 4,932 paint spots (!), regrouted the joints and polished it up to a good shine, ready for business, on time, without causing any delay in the construction schedule and with no extra charges.

If you have a terrazzo floor you’re considering covering over or removing, why not give us a call or fill out the form to get a quote on refinishing it instead? You might save a lot of money and time and retain the original look of your property.

If you’d like to get a quote, you can call us at 617-838-0795 or simply fill out the form below.

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