Privacy Policy

We make money by cleaning and polishing marble and granite, not by collecting email addresses. The only reasons we ask for your email address and phone number on our webform are:
1. The company that manages the webform, AWeber, is very strict about mandatory email addresses
2. The phone number is to call you so we can find out what you want.

We don’t have any ongoing newsletter or marketing campaigns that use email lists and we never sell or rent your information to anyone. The form on our site is just for getting in touch with you about your stone care needs – we call you, and send you a quote by email and after that we only communicate with us if you want us to. No spam, no pesky sales calls time after time.

The company that hosts our website can track a search term that you use to arrive at our site – for example, if you type into a search engine “Clean and polish marble and granite in Boston”, it’s pretty likely you’ll end up here and the hosting company will record that search term as the one you used. But they don’t connect that up to individuals, it’s just a listing of how many different terms were used and how many times. So it’s not really using that information in any way that could cause spam or other grief.